Why Choose LaurArt?

1. High Quality AND Affordable

Sometimes a lower rate equates to compromised quality – though with LaurArt you can be sure to expect amazing artwork at a very reasonable price! Check out our quote calculator for a quick on the spot quote!

2. Complementary Balloon Twisting and Dressup

If desired, I will attend your event as The Purple Fairy and offer balloon twisting free of charge!

3. Registered, Insured Business

LaurArt's ABN is 75 985 463 987 – it is a registered business that is insured for up to $20 million with current public liability insurance. I also hold a current Working with Children Check.

4. A Friendly and Interactive Entertainer

There’s nothing worse than a face painter who sits in silence with a monotone expression as they paint your child’s face! I believe that a face painter’s job is not only to create beautiful, mesmorising artwork, but to entertain the kids while they are being painted!

5. Professional Cosmetics

Safety is a major priority for me. That is why I only use the best FDA approved paints and glitters that are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. These cosmetics are durable and won’t crack off, though can easily be removed with baby wipes or soap and water. Some stubborn colours can be removed with a touch of olive oil or makeup remover.

6. Hygiene Conscious

I am very vigilant in preventing the transfer of illness and infection. I use one sponge per child, have sanitiser in my brush water and only use Q-tips when painting children’s lips. I also sanitise my equipment between events. I will not paint the face of obviously unwell children, or children with contagious conditions such as conjunctivitis or cold sores.

7. More than one Painter

I am part of a network of amazing artists, and should you need more than one painter at an event, or if I myself am busy at the time of your event, I am able to organise other face painters and balloon twisters.

LaurArt has painted for...


Only Estate Agents, Brimbank Bicycle Education Centre, State Emergency Services, Good Start Child Care, Kumon, David Jones, Arcare Aged Care Facility, Sydenham Baptist Church, Panagia Soumela Greek Orthodox Church, Doncaster Shopping Centre, Watton Street Plaza, Vamos Bar, Victoria State Rose Garden, Jewell Community Garden, Tabcorp Park, Ethical India, Maney’s Dumpling, Swagat Indian Restaurant, Transform Life Centre, Direct Image, Sash entertainment, Friends of Garden of Angels, Brunswick Street Market

...and many more!